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Copyright Authorisation Agreement

I authorise Hong Kong Tramways, Limited (“HKT”) to use my submissions to represent me in the framework of the “Ding Ding Diaries” or for the needs of their internal and external communication, whether they are addressed to professionals or the general public, on all printed, audiovisual, electronic media and social media.

I assign and transfer to HKT free from all encumbrances any and all past, present and future worldwide right, title and interest in the submission, including all copyright.

I warrant that no other person has any rights in the images and stories, which are original and true stories and have not been wholly or substantially copied from any other stories or materials in which any third party may have conflicting rights.

This authorisation may be revoked within 5 years from the date of submission, in writing at the following email address: dingdingdiaries@hktramways.com; OR
Postal address: Commercial & Corporate Affairs Department, 2/F, Whitty Street Tram Depot, Connaught Road West, Western District, Hong Kong

If there is any inconsistency between the English version and the Chinese version of this Statement, the English version shall prevail.