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1. Are there any age restrictions on participating in the “Ding Ding Diaries” story submission?


2. I’m a foreign traveler. Am I eligible to submit stories?

Yes, every tram passenger is welcome to share their stories with us.

3. How many stories can I submit?

There is no limitation on the times of submissions. Based on different story topics, every participant can make multiple submissions. Participants should note that the times of submissions do not cause a direct impact on the chance of stories being selected. Stories that meet the submission criteria have a higher chance to be selected and published to the “Ding Ding Diaries”.

4. What are the submission criteria?

Criteria include
– Original and exclusive topic(s)
– Strong and touching emotional connections with trams
– Fluent writing with impactful image(s)
Please refer to the Submission Rules under the submission form for details.

5. Why can’t I find my submission in the “Ding Ding Diaries”?

Thank you for your participation! Due to the overwhelming response, we need more time to read and shortlist stories. Your submissions may be selected and published soon. Please stay tuned!

6. How could I know if my submissions have been selected and appeared in the “Ding Ding Diaries”?

We will select, edit and publish stories collected from the public from time to time. Participants may not receive any notifications before and after the publication. Participants may use the search function on the “Ding Ding Diaries” homepage to find out stories of interest. Hong Kong Tramways reserve the final right of the selection and editing procedures.

7. Should I write in Chinese or English?

All stories in the “Ding Ding Diaries” are available in both Traditional Chinese and English. Participants can submit stories in either Chinese or English. Participants can also write in both languages and submit via “Story Translation” within the submission form.

8. Why do I need to include my portrait in at least 1 of images submitted?

As all stories are written in the first person narrative, the subject of images should be related to the storyteller and the background to the tram. Meanwhile, we encourage participants to share more relevant images to make the stories more dynamic.

9. Can I only submit text for my story?

No, each submission should be comprised of text (50-200 words) and at least 1 and up to 5 relevant images.

10. Why is the story published in the “Ding Ding Diaries” not exactly the same as my submission?

Thank you for your participation! Since the “Ding Ding Diaries” include public stories from different walks of life, we may make editions and modifications to the content but keeping the original meanings before launching the stories for easy reading. If you have any questions regarding your stories, please email to dingdingdiaries@hktramways.com.

11. Why do I need to submit my personal email address and phone number?

All email addresses and phone numbers collected will not be publicly displayed. Participants are optional to provide their phone numbers. We will only use those numbers to contact you in person regarding verification, research and identification of your submissions.

12. What is the “TramOramic Tour” discount?

In order to express our heartfelt thanks to participants, each of them will receive a “TramOramic Tour” 10%-off promotion code upon the story submission. To enjoy it, participants have to make online bookings in advance via hktramways.com/en/tramoramic and apply the promo code and complete the transaction procedures. The promo code cannot be redeemed for cash or for sale. Hong Kong Tramways reserves the right of final decision and interpretation in the case of any dispute.

13. How can I be featured on tramcars?

A judging panel will start reviewing public stories on January 2019 and select at maximum 10 participants to be featured on tramcar(s) in the framework of the “Ding Ding Diaries”. The advertisement will be launched in the first of 2019. Only participants who have submitted stories on or before 31 December 2018 and agreed to allow Hong Kong Tramways to use their submissions for offline marketing will be considered. Hong Kong Tramways will notify selected participants individually for further arrangement. Members of the judging panels will be announced later on the “Ding Ding Diaries” campaign website. In case of disputes, the decisions of the Hong Kong Tramways shall be final.

14. Could I submit stories of formats other than those requested in the submission rules?

You are welcome to email your submissions via dingdingdiaries@hktramways.com.